Just take one step at a time

One of the most important things I have learned while working in this industry is this.

There will always be big projects that can spiral out of your control. There will always be clients who need something yesterday and you need to work through certain processes to deliver. There will always be something more important that crops up and you have to work your tail off in order to deliver.

But remember this:

Your speed doesn't matter - forward is forward!

Slow and steady progress – with lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of testing – is more important, than rushing through a project to find there are many holes along the way.

Your speed doesn’t matter: forward is forward. One day you might be the hare, racing through jobs like nobody’s business. Other days you might be the tortoise, slowly and methodically working through your tasks.

Keep thinking about the next step. Keep testing. Keep clients informed of your progress and the horizon will be ever-so-slightly closer.

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