7 ways to drive engagement with Facebook image posts

I have done a lot of Social Media Marketing in my career, so when I stumbled across this post from ClickZ.com, I just had to share it!

It’s widely known that images can increase engagement on social platforms, but have you thought about how you can connect even more with your customers? You know the feeling, you post up a great photo on your Facebook business page and watch intently as the likes start climbing.

Images on Facebook receive over 50% more likes than the average post and a whopping 84% more clicks! The reason behind this? Visual content is transmitted to the brain some 60,000 times fast than text, but there are so many reports and stats showing the value of visual content. But not all images are created equal, and not all images perform equally well, either. The team at ClickZ.com have pulled together some tips to help drive engagement with Facebook image posts.

Share real people
Facebook is the ultimate photo album – a fantastic to instantly share with your friends, family and customers. So then it would make sense that images of real people in real situations perform better than stock photos and staged models.As a brand, who are these real people that you should include in your images? It could be staff members, depending on the situation (at a staff function or trying out a brand new product) but more often it should be your customers and influencers, the true voice of your brand.

Example: Chinese Laundry, sharing images of their fans w wearing their shoes, and recently captured shots of people sporting Chinese Laundry at Coachella.

Chinese Laundry

Focus on faces – but it doesn’t necessarily have to be people’s faces!
We’re hardwired to recognize faces – it’s the ability for us to recognise people from a distance to determine if we know them. This ability is so ingrained that it causes us to see faces in places that they do not really exist, such as fruit, vegetables, rock formations, architecture and other places, a psychological phenomenon is known as “pareidolia.”

Take the example below – can you see the smiling face in the end of the handbag?

Can you see the smiling face?

This is huge for use on social media, as it proves just how powerful the human face is – it’s instantly recognisable are inherently drawn to it. Rather than posting large group shots where you can barely make out each person’s facial features, use close-ups instead.

Use lifestyle imagery
This works really well for the same reasons using real people does – it’s more genuine and, quite frankly, it can be more interesting! But remember, it needs to stand out. Using a close-up of a product on a plain white background is quite dull. Think of Facebook as a lookbook or lifestyle catalog, and use it tell your brand story and share ideas of how to use your products through compelling photos.

Take Ikea as a classic example:

Use lifestyle imagery

Be brief
Short and sweet posts are often the best:

Short and sweet

Encourage short responses
When posting a photo or album up on Facebook, remember that most of your customers probably don’t have much time to provide length responses to questions (unless they are posting about a negative experience…) If they can comment in just a few short seconds, there’s a higher likelihood that they will. By asking questions that require a simple one or two-word answer, you are sure to increase engagement.

Take 1-800-Flowers as an example – what do you think of the arrangement below?

Be brief

Create image galleries
Creating an album in one Facebook post pulls through smaller thumbnails that are just begging for your customers to click through to enlarge the image, thus increasing your engagement from a single post. See if you can be a bit creative as well, like by framing out a key piece of the image, users have to click to see what has been cropped out. This can make the photos even more fascinating – ModCloth is a great example.

Create image galleries

Why not try some of the tips above and see if your engagement levels on Facebook increase? I would love to hear how things go!

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