Do you use emojis in your subject line?

A recent report published by MailChimp wanted to find out what the most popular emojis were to use within your subject lines. So which emojis – those small small icons used to convey emotions, things, and ideas – do you think email markets are employing most in their subject lines?

MailChimp set out to find the answer.

After examining 214,000 email campaigns, they came up with a list of the top 15 emojis used most often. These ranks are based on the number of subject line appearances made by each emoji. Probably not surprisingly, the registered trademark emoji took the number one spot, followed by the big-eyed happy emoji, then a smiley with heart eyes. An actual heart and a more standard smiley round out the top 5.

What are the top emojis used within subject lines?

What were the most popular combinations?
Having one emoji within a subject line is great to help drive opens but have you tried using different combinations? From the report, 31% of campaigns with emojis used more than one. The image below was created by MailChimp to map the network of which emojis are used together. In the map, emojis that are closer together are used together more frequently, and emojis that are larger are more popular pairing partners. After removing emojis and pairs that are infrequently used, this chart enables us to learn a lot about how people combine emojis.

Emojis map

What you can see from the above map is that emojis from the same category are often used together (food, faces, animals, weather, etc.). Also, certain emojis connect other small groups. The plane connects earth, travel, and transportation. The heart connects love, fashion, and exclamations.

Using emojis in subject lines is a great way to convey meaning rather than being used as a gimmick. With the subject line being the first thing customers see before they even open the email, it needs to make an impact. Why not try a variety of emojis the next time you send out an email.


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